"So if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed."  John 8:36

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  1. I am learning that I really am not so different from everyone else because I know that what is inside does not always show. I now understand that everyone has weaknesses and that I am not the only one.
  2. I am gaining the courage to confront my problems.
  3. I am learning to follow through and complete projects. set attainable goals, organize and pace myself.
  4. I am learning that I have options that will allow me to make decisions, and to trust in God to help me with them.
  5. I am learning to be truthful with myself and authentic with others, open and transparent before God.
  6. I am learning to admit that I make mistakes, knowing that mistakes do not mean failure.
  7. I am learning not to dwell on negatives or transfer my negatives (defenses) on to others. I am more accepting of others for who they are.
  8. I am learning to live and let live.
  9. I am learning to have more confidence and believe in myself as God has shown to me in His word, and to accept myself as He has accepted and loved me.
  10. I am learning to appreciate the little things in my life and enjoy life as it is, whatever the circumstances. I can have fun by assuming the responsibility for it, and no longer take myself to seriously all the time.
  11. I am learning to understand deep within my soul, that Jesus Christ died for me, that He accepts me and loves me with an unconditional, everlasting love that no human being could ever match.
  12. I am learning to let go and give things, situations, desires and all of my life over to the care of God.
  13. I am learning to be more open and adaptable and not push people away, to be more trusting in intimate relationships, to avoid destructive relationships and to walk away from existing relationships that are unhealthy.
  14. I am learning to live life for the Lord and to seek his approval, rather than the approval of others.
  15. I am learning when to be loyal, when not to be loyal, and most of all to be loyal to myself.
  16. I am learning not to rescue, control or save others.
  17. I am learning to understand myself by listening to my feelings and avoiding compulsive behavior that seeks immediate gratification.
  18. I am learning to stand up for myself and cope with problems.
  19. I am learning that I am significant to God. I AM The CHILD OF THE KING of Kings.
  20. I am learning that everything I need, God has given me at this very moment.

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