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Frequently Asked Questions

The introduction format that has been chosen, is to answer four of the more common question we are asked. The basic thrust of the Alcoholics For Christ ministries outlined in our materials is to provide non-denominational, Jesus-centered, substance abuse support groups that utilize a common format and can be supported by the entire Bible-believing Christian community worldwide.

This is a big job, but we are seeing remarkable evidences that the Body of Christ is beginning to be open to using the tools that are available to them for the recovery from chemical dependency.

  • Why Alcoholics for Christ?  Why not my own local church or group sponsored by a particular denomination or ministry?

    A. A/C is basically a para-ministry that God has established and blessed. It has been time-proven and is growing at a steady rate. As you know, para-ministries face unique sets of problems within Christian community, and by bringing individual groups together in unity of purpose and communization of study materials we can then help each other to grow as these situations are met and resolved.

B. Because A/C is non-denominational and solely dependent financially on the support of those individuals who attend it, there is a greater chance of it's being non-denominational or ministerially non-threatening.

C. A/C Can serve as a neutral vehicle which ideally, the entire Christian community can support, thereby preventing some of the competition that we know exists, unfortunately, between various denominations, Christian factions and ministries.

  • What about the name? The A/C name is offensive to some, why not call it something that the Church is comfortable with?

A. The church in general has never effectively dealt with the problem of chemical dependency on a meaningful scale, and in order for it to move from the point where it presently is, many uncomfortable changes may be involved.

B. The name Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has been offensive to many for years; however, it remains the world's leader in the successful treatment of alcoholism. A/C really portrays what AA was originally intended to be and by association of names is easily recognizable "up front" as a Christian substance abuse program. Our desire is to see the strangle-hold of "denial" broken in the Church and the very name of A/C itself can help it to happen.

  • What about A/C and non-Christian groups?

    A. A/C , because of the 12 step recovery program used by organizations such as AA, NA, OA, etc, comfortably utilizes these programs throughout the world until such time as local A/C chapters are established and are meeting the needs of those attending them.

  • What about treatment centers, does A/C have it's own?

    A. This is not our ministry. We at one time considered developing several half-way houses but the Lord convinced us that we should not divide our efforts and that we should concentrate on the establishment of support groups.

    B. Christian treatment centers such as those found at Raph House, City of Faith, Salvation Army and others are desperately needed and we wholeheartedly support the establishment such centers worldwide.

It is our prayer that as these centers are established that A/C support groups can be included as part of the recovery program, which in turn would enable those who have received treatment to return to their homes not only with recovery but also with the seed planted of seeing an A/C chapter in their area.

Finally, A/C support groups can be established by all of the Christian denominations and major ministries without the need to reject them on the basis of their being sponsored by another denomination or ministry they may not be always theologically in agreement with. We believe that now is the time for all Bible believing denominations, independent churches and Christian ministries to be willing to enter into a united effort by which the Christian community as a whole can begin to cope effectively with problems of chemical dependence.

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