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What is the Prison / Jail Ministry of Alcoholics for Christ?

P/JM Workbooks:We are pleased to announce that there are workbooks available to Chaplains who request them from the AC Office Each step is on a single sheet that can be copied and distributed to inmates that attend Alcoholics for Christ meetings within your facility.

The Prison / Jail Ministry (PJM) 12-Step Program begins in correctional facilities for the imprisoned, and by having the inmate take ownership in their program of recovery, it then goes with them when they are released. Because the 12-Step Program has proven to be so successful, when worked as a Christ-centered, Bible-based way of living, the prisoner becomes "free" in more ways than just the physical.

Mission Statement: To provide a 12-Step Recovery Program that deals with the addiction that has caused the chaos that led to incarceration. To supply support to the ex-offender after release, the kind of support that breaks the "Cycle of Recidivism," by propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Vision of PJM: To network with existing ministries which provide supportive assistance to meet the needs of ex- offenders, that we do not provide; and that we all become a body community to help those in need, to include training, tutorials, and sponsorship.

How does it work? The Christ-Centered 12-Step Recovery Program is introduced into the institutions in one of three ways: (1) by a recovered substance abuser, (2) by a layperson who has the heart for this area, or (3) by someone under the supervision of the chaplaincy. However the mode of introduction, it must be under the "Covering of the Chaplaincy" (like A/C meetings that have the "Covering" of the local church and pastor).
     This 12-Step Program works in conjunction with other prison ministries, to bring the incarcerated to a closer relationship with the true and living God. At no time would this program supplant any other ministry program.
     After the person is released from the correctional facility, (she) he would be directed to continue to attend a 12-Step program in a local church setting. If there were none available, we would help to set one up within a close proximity. In the meantime, we would encourage the person to become active in the local AA, NA, CA, or whatever 12-Step meeting is readily available. We are a strong believer, and encourager of programs like Overcomers Outreach, and Alcoholics Victorious.
     Furthermore, we strongly encourage the person(s) to attend, and become active in a local church of their choice. We cannot emphasize strongly enough, the importance of a Bible-Study (group or otherwise), daily prayer and meditation.

Why is it necessary? In a recent study (Fall-2000) by Maria Buck (Workforce Development), there are 500,000 people released from prison every year. Of the six million people in the criminal justice system, there is 1.8 million inmates, 700,00 parolees, and 3.4 million probationers. The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) states that 58.6% of its inmates were there for substance abuse related crimes, and that of the total prison population these had the highest rate of relapse and re-incarceration. 91% of those released failed their drug test after one year (Parole in America's Criminal System, 1998).
     A tremendous amount of the Lord's work is being done by Prison Fellowship International (PFI) through all of the various services that they provide. Another fine ministry is the International Prison Ministry, in it's supplying of Bibles and other literature. There is absolutely no reason to duplicate theirs or other ministries fine works; instead the A/C PJM will promote a program of abstinence through discipline, and discipleship. Over the past 25 years of operation, A/C has proved the 12-Step concept found in the Bible to be a "pathway of freedom," when Jesus is Lord and Master.

What is the purpose? Many of those released from institutions have acquired a mistaken identity, and a lack of real self-respect. Along with shattered self-esteem, they are unable to have any type of meaningful relationships. Honest, sincere relationships with; (1) God, (2) Others, and finally (3) Themselves. However, by breaking this "isolationism," the person is then able to establish healthy relationships in all three areas. And that's what this program is about: bringing the person(s) to sincere, trusting relationships by using the power of covenants. We have discovered that accountability and confession remove some of Satan's most devastating weapons.

What is the goal? Use all of our available resources to help the imprisoned person to a "life of freedom, " through an eternal relationship with Jesus. To assist the released person to; get into a regular church life, find a support community to share openly with, and to help them get the necessary training, etc., that will help them live a meaningful, joy-filled life. Which also means, that he will take his rightful place in the family (of God and man).

Persons interested in taking this ministry into a prison are invited
to print and complete an application form.
Please mail your completed form to:

Alcoholics for Christ Prison/Jail Ministry
1316 N. Campbell Rd.
Royal Oak, MI 48067

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