"So if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed."  John 8:36

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Substance Abuse
    Laying the Groundwork
    Are You An Alcoholic
    12 Steps to a Slip
    List of Dependencies
    STEP 4  

For the Family Members of Substance Abusers
    Love Inventory
    Codependency Questionnaire
    The Enablers
    Thoughts for Family Members of  Alcoholics
    Reactions and Feelings

For the Adult Children of Dysfunctional Homes
    What is ACAC? How does it work?
    Children of Alcoholics
    Do You Need AC Adult Children Program?
    The Problem
    Characteristics of a Recovering Adult Child
    Quick Reminders at Critical Times
    STEP 1

About  Alcoholics for Christ
    Statement of Faith
    Mutual Recovery
    Walking in Victory

Prison / Jail Ministry
    What is P/J Ministry?
    Table Leading
    Prison Testimony
    Jail Interview
    Prison Application Form

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